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Facebook Avartar Winner List and Prize taken steps

9/4/2012 10:34:02 AM

First of all, we would like to congratulate all the winners in the Facebook Avartar Contest winners. Thank you all for participating this activity. We know you are eager to know what you win now. The following is the winner list:

First Prize(1 person) is 25,000K Diablo 3 Gold  
picture ID DIB9  Khizar Ahmad Qureshi  with 57 likes


Second Prize(2 people) is 20,000k Diablo 3 Gold
picture ID DIB14  Yengshai Xiong   with 49 likes
picture ID DIB5  Daniel Stonehouse  with 20  likes


Third Prize(3 People) is 5,000K Diablo 3 Gold

picture ID DIB12  Branden Minard Simard  with 13 likes

picture ID DIB8   Roy Bilyeu  with 13 likes

picture ID DIB15   Shawn Schrager  with 10 likes


Lucky Prize(9 People) is 1,000K Diablo 3 Gold

picture ID DIB4  Diane Fox  with 9 likes

picture ID DIB10  Adrian Medalen Helberg  with 9 likes

picture ID DIB11  Travis Hoffman  with 8 likes

picture ID DIB3  Jiao Yu   with 7 likes

picture ID DIB17  Matt Orsburn  with 7 likes

picture ID DIB6  Ready2die diablo3 clan  with 6 likes

picture ID DIB1   Jerey Huang  with 5 likes

picture ID DIB18   Elias Alcocer  with 4 likes

picture ID DIB16  Ryan Uy  with 4 likes


Fist, find your name in the list.

Second, sign up at our store and send us your registered email with your picture ID to our facebook page.

Third,we will reward you in the form of member Coins. Sign in and go to the member centre to Change your member Coins into Diablo 3 Gold.


For more detailed prize taken steps, please click here. If you have something unclear, you are always welcome to ask questions in our facebook or through the "Online Service" at our site.