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Diablo 4 Leveling & Farming Guide - Best Way To Level Up, Farm XP & Money In Diablo IV

4/21/2023 3:23:48 PM

If you're just getting into Diablo 4, there's probably a lot that you want to get done especially if you're planning on leveling more than one class. So today we're going over the best way to level up quickly in Diablo 4. Now not only are you going to be able to level up extremely quickly with this method easily one level per run, but also you're going to get a ton of equipment to either sell or use as upgrades. 


Diablo 4 Leveling & Farming Guide - Best Way To Level Up, Farm XP & Money In Diablo IV

In this Diablo 4 maximize leveling guide, we talk about one of the best ways to get legendaries currently. You're going to be able to kill multiple birds with one stone with this method. It's going to involve one particular dungeon that is easily accessible this is Anica’s Claim dungeon. You'll be able to access this area around level 15 and it actually involves this area that you get to free during an event. This is the molnock area which is a level 15 area.


Diablo 4 Leveling Requirements

To clear this event, you're going to need to be level 15 or at least close to it. We're trying to do it at level 13, it was a little too difficult. At 14, we were able to clear it and at level 15, you're definitely going to have no problem clearing the molnock event to be able to unlock this dungeon.


Best Diablo 4 Leveling & Farming Routes

 If you start off in the starting city in Kyovashad, go all the way up to Bear Tribe Refuge, and pick up the Waypoint. Then from the Bear Tribe Refuge, we're going to go south, follow the road down and we're going to this specific dungeon called Anica’s Claim dungeon. Once you get into the dungeon, it's a really simple loop that we're going to be doing. We don't actually have to finish the entire dungeon which means we don't have to fight the final boss. Because we don't get a lot of XP for that and it doesn't even drop anything at all. 


Diablo 4 Leveling & Farming Drops

What we're going to do is fight these animus carriers. The animus carriers are pretty common and they give you a ton of experience and they also drop a lot of really good loot. They can drop blue items, gold items, and legendary D4 items. If you get really lucky, especially at level 25 they're going to be dropping lots of legendaries. This means you're going to be able to upgrade your character while leveling. It's really good, honestly one of the best places to farm up any kind of loot in Diablo IV.  


But this loop is really simple and if you tend to go to the left side, there's a high chance of you finding pylons along the left side. It's just RNG you can find them on the left or right side, but if you find a pylon, it's going to very much speed up your clear rate for this particular dungeon.


Diablo 4 Leveling & Farming Tips

The problem with this is you can run it in about five to six minutes as you're leveling if you're on a Necromancer or a Sorcerer. But if you are playing a Barbarian or a Druid, it's a lot more difficult. So we highly recommend playing with other people. If you're a Barbarian or a Druid, it's unfortunate. But the classes they're just not balanced at all right now, Sorcerer and Necromancer are significantly more powerful. So if you have a friend or you're already in that class, you're going to be able to run through this really quickly. Even if you do play with other people, you're going to get more XP, so we definitely recommend it. 


There are a couple of danger zones that you'll run into where you'll run into four or five elites all at once which is where running as a Barbarian or a Druid comes in particularly difficult at lower levels while you're leveling up. But as long as you're paying attention it should be perfectly fine. Running this with other people, you're going to get more XP and you're going to run through it a lot quicker. Make sure to do all of these chests as well because it stands a chance to spawn an extra elite which is going to give you more loot and more XP.