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Diablo 4 Best Class & Build - Top 3 Most OP Classes In Diablo IV Open Beta

4/14/2023 11:30:41 AM

Today, we are going over the standout top 3 classes and builds in Diablo 4 that a lot of people are already calling broken. This is revolving around a level 25 beta test with very limited legendary aspects. A lot of you weren't able to play in that first initial beta test and we want to tell you the best Diablo IV builds. These builds will give you an idea or at least the starting point in this upcoming beta. 


Diablo 4 Sorcerer Class & Build

If you've been paying any attention at all to the beta test and the Sorcerer class you'll have heard about the Hydra, easily the highlight of this class. Sorcerers are able to lay down a three-headed invulnerable summoned hydra anywhere on the map that deals high amounts of damage to targets shooting fireballs out from each head. This Hydra is an instant cast with essentially unlimited range that immediately attacks upon placing it down and it barely costs you any mana. 

To add insult to injury, you can upgrade this to have four heads increasing its damage output and with the legendary affix, you'll be able to spawn up to two hydras, 8 heads in total. Whether you're seeing combos with chain lightning and a fireball enchant slot or a barrier-heavy build resetting cooldowns with ice blades, the focal point more than likely revolves around these hydras dealing all the damage. In addition to hydra, the echo you'll repeatedly hear when it comes to this class is the insane survivability with barrier along with the cooldown reduction spam builds.


Diablo 4 Rogue Class & Build

The hot topic on Rogues is easily the inner sight combat stance. Many players are already calling for this to be nerfed despite, only seeing level 25 due to its insane single-target damage seemingly unrivaled. Despite being primarily showcased via twisting blades, inner sight is extremely strong with other core skills as well. So long as it's focused on a single target allowing you to essentially have infinite energy even at level 25. Outside inner sight, the imbuement is also highlighted amongst players. 

Primarily the shadow imbuement has been extremely satisfying and strong for pat clearing. The shadow imbuement places a debuff on a target when hit which causes the target to explode dealing big AOE damage, taking down other mobs along with it kind of like exploding palm from Monk in previous titles. One thing is for sure though and that's that we're seeing imbuements in just about every single build with the shadow being the most popular choice.


Diablo 4 Barbarian Class & Build

Smosh is the best word to describe the leveling experience with Barbarian amongst most who played it over the weekend. However, if you did stick it through to level 25 and got some gear on it, you're probably one of the few who may be saying the opposite. Barbs have a couple of builds that performed frenzy and flay were popular basic skill choices while hammer, upheaval, whirlwind, and rent were seen and talked about often. No build however was brought up nearly as much as a thorn build. Thorns definitely take the spotlight amongst overpowered builds with Barb during this beta test. 

Thorns are essentially a defensive trait that causes enemies to deal damage to themselves as they attack you. You can think of reflected damage. Thorns not being a specific skill but more a stat or trait allows it to be played in a variety of builds. Whether you're running it in a frenzy upheaval build or a rend bleed build. Dedicated barbs may tell you that there are plenty more powerful options outside thorns build and while that may be true, Thorns were certainly the best D4 class and talked about during this beta test.