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Diablo 4 Codex of Power & Legendary Aspect Guide: How To Unlock, Affixes & Location

4/13/2023 5:36:11 PM

Diablo 4 Codex of Power is a new feature in Diablo IV that consolidates all of the Legendary Aspects that players will have access to in the game. This allows players to access it at any time for the equipment they obtain during their adventures. For more information on this subject, please refer to the details below.

DIABLO 4 Codex of Power

What is Codex of Power in Diablo 4?

The Codex of Power is a formidable tome that serves as a repository for Legendary Aspects that have been previously unlocked. These Aspects consist of general ones that are available to all classes, as well as class-specific Aspects. Each Legendary affix can be permanently unlocked for all characters on the account by successfully completing a specific dungeon in Sanctuary. Access to the Codex of Power can be obtained by pressing the in-game shortcut key Y. This guide to the Power Codex will provide you with information on what Aspects are, where they can be found, and how to make use of them.

The Power Codex brings together all of the Aspects that you will obtain during your journey through the Sanctuary. These can be found at specific locations in the world, whether it's a specific area or dungeon. Go in search of these different powers so that your character gains more power. Keep in mind, however, that these are not the most powerful versions of the effects in question.

Imprint a Legendary Aspect on an Item

Once a Legendary Aspect has been unlocked, it is stored in the Codex of Power at its lowest possible stats, and can then be used indefinitely to imprint onto Diablo 4 items. All unlocked Legendary affixes can be imprinted onto Rare (yellow) and Legendary (orange) items at an Occultist. If a Rare item is selected, it will be transformed into a Legendary item with the chosen affix, while retaining its original attributes. In the case of Legendary items, the old Aspect will be replaced with the new one. It is important to note that each item can only be imprinted once, so careful consideration should be given when choosing which Aspect to use.

Extracted Aspects vs. Aspects from the Codex of Power

The Occultist allows for the extraction of Legendary Aspects directly from a Legendary item. However, this process will result in the destruction of the item, and the extracted Aspect can only be used once. This raises the question of why one should perform this action, as unlocking Legendary Aspects can be achieved quite easily. The answer lies in the fact that while unlocked Aspects only store the lowest possible values in the Codex of Power, the values for found Legendary items are randomly rolled. Extracted Aspects will always have better values.

Legendary Aspects Categories

Legendary Aspects are categorized, and this distinction is important because Aspects from each category can only be imprinted on items in specific slots. Additionally, there is something special about each slot. Affix power is 100% higher on 2H Handguns, as opposed to two 1H weapons, which would have an advantage otherwise. Affixes on amulets are increased by 50%.

1 Hand Weapon
2 Hand Weapon----
Off-Hand Weapon----

Joseph Piepiora, Associate Game Director of Diablo IV, points out the existence of countless legendary powers in the title. These go far beyond what was available in Beta and open up a ton of possibilities for different classes.