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Diablo 4 Druid Spirit Animal System Guide: How To Unlock, Animal Types & Buffs

4/6/2023 11:11:41 AM

Many players have played the druid in the Diablo 4 beta but found this class a little too weak. This is partly due to the fact that it was the only class where class mechanics could not be tested. The Druid's animal blessings will be unlocked at level 15, but in an area that was not accessible in the beta. In the interface of the class mechanics, the icons of the blessings can be recognized, but as long as they are not unlocked, the tooltips are disabled. During the beta, neither the names nor the effects of the Spirit Animals were visible.

Diablo 4 Druid Spirit Animals Revealed via Data Mining

We have been busy with data mining for a few days now. We searched the game files for important information and found what we were looking for in the druid. Among other things, we found out which druid spirits there are and which bonuses all 16 Spirit Animals grant us. We noticed a special feature. The snake says that it has no faith in humanity and thus keeps its blessings hidden from us. In the game itself, we only find out after a little trial and error which blessings are active. Today, however, we are also revealing the serpent's blessings of spirits. How do you unlock the Druid's animal blessings? At level 15, we automatically receive the priority quest "Druid: Ghosts of the Lost Grove", which takes us to the druid Ardreth to Tur Dula in Scosglen. Upon completion of this task, the Spirit Animals are unlocked.

Collect Druid Animal Blessings & Unlock Spirit Animal System

From level 15 onwards, we sometimes get a small number of Druidic Ghost Victims as loot from enemies who are clearly visible on the ground. With these spirit sacrifices, we unlock the four blessings on all druid Spirit Animals in Tur Dula. With the activation of all spirit blessings, we unlock the Spirit Animal. Through the Spirit Animal System, we can activate an additional blessing and buffs on any spirit.

Diablo 4 Druid Spirit Animals Types & Buffs

There are four different druid spirits, each with four spirit blessings. But as already written, we can only select or activate one blessing per spirit and get another spirit blessing of our choice through the spirit union. So a maximum of five spirit blessings are active at the same time.

Deer Spirit Animal

  • Prickleskin: Gain X Thorns.

  • Gift of the Stag: Gain X maximum Spirit.

  • Wariness: Takes X reduced damage from elite enemies.

  • Advantageous Beast: Reduces the duration of crowd control effects by X.

Eagle Spirit Animal

  • Scyth Talons: Gain X critical hit chance.

  • Iron Feather: Gain X maximum Life.

  • Swooping Attacks: Gain X Attack Speed.

  • Avian Wrath: Gain X critical hit damage.

Wolf Spirit Animal

  • Packleader: Lucky Strike: Critical hits have up to a X% chance to reset the cooldown of your companion skills.

  • Energize: Lucky Strike: When you deal damage, you have up to a X% chance of restoring X Spirit.

  • Bolster: Gain steeling equal to X% of your maximum life when using a defensive skill.

  • Calamity: Extends ultimate skill duration by X%.

Snake Spirit Animal

Snake Spirit Animals are not revealed in Diablo 4. This is because the snake has no faith in humanity and thus keeps them hidden. Nevertheless, we have unveiled them for you.

  • Obsidian Slam: Every X kill causes your next earth skill to overwhelm.

  • Overload: Lucky Strike: When you deal Lightning Damage, you have up to X% chance the target will emit a Static Discharge, dealing X Lightning Damage to nearby enemies.

  • Masochistic: Critical hits with Polymorph skills heal you for X% of your maximum life.

  • Calm Before the Storm: Lucky Strike: Nature magic skills have up to a X% chance to reduce the cooldown of your ultimate skills by X sec.