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Congratulations For the DiabloIIIGold Facebook Avatar Competition Winners!

9/3/2012 2:28:33 PM

Sincerely to express our appreciation to every clients! Thanks for your support and trust to join the DiabloIIIGold Facebook Avatar competition and concern of our public page! The activity started from the August 20, 2012 PST to August 31, 2012 PST. According to the rules of our competition, the man who get more Facebook “LIKE” for them Avatar will win free Diablo 3 Gold from us. We will summarize the winner list for you tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the game with sufficient D3 Gold. Please keep eyes on NEWS Page!

When and how can we send you the Diablo 3 Gold Prizes?


1. The prizes through the VIP channel send to your account.Please all of the players who participate in the competition to sign up for our free VIP member.

2. After you have finished your register, contact us via the private Facebook. We need your Register Email

3.Our staff will give away the Member Coins to the Award Winner. Come to the our that you can exchange your memebr Coins into your prizes -- Diablo 3 Gold  


For Example, 100 Member Coins = 500 k Diablo 3 Gold



Please follow the steps, we just need to protect each winner get the prizes safety and fast! Thanks for your trust and support.The Awards lists will be post tomorrow. In the equitable and just transaction environment, we are glad to ensure you enjoy different experience of purchasing D3 Gold easy and fast.