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How to Get Turducken in Madden 23 - How to Get All 88 & 90 OVR Hungry Harvest Players

11/12/2022 5:55:30 PM

The Harvest promo is in full swing in Madden Ultimate Team, then how do you earn those 88 overall Hungry Harvest cards and upgrade them to 90 overall in the game? Here we want to summarize the ways how to get turducken in Madden 23, as well as 88 & 90 OVR MUT 23 Hungry Harvest players. 

How to Get All 88 OVR Hungry Harvest Players in Madden 23?

There are six ways you can get these 88 overall Hungry Harvest players for free without MUT coins.

1. Get your Harvest Field Pass to level up at level 3 to earn an 88 OVR BND Hungry Harvest Player Fantasy Pack.

2. Leveling up through Field Pass to level 13, you’ll get another 88 overall Hungry Harvest player. 

3. An 88 OVR Hungry Harvest player can be obtained in House Rules as the level 1 reward. 

4. You can complete The Great Turducken Feast solo challenge to earn an 88 OVR Hungry Harvest Fantasy Pack when you reach Tier 4.

5. Complete Harvest Games solo challenge to earn an 88 OVR BND Hungry Harvest Fantasy Pack when you reach tier 6.

6. When the House Rules refresh in five days, there will be another 88 Hungry Harvest items.

How to Upgrade Hungry Harvest Players to 90 OVR in Madden 23?

The way the Hungry Harvest card works is you select these 88s and then you can upgrade them to 90s by putting in a turducken collectible. One thing you should know is that when you open the pack, there are some 88 overall players in the pack that can’t be upgraded, so don’t make a mistake, keep in mind that do not pick one of the players that do not have a yellow animation. You can only upgrade Kevin Zeitler, Fred Warner, Vita Vea, Jon Runyan, Dak Prescott, and Xavien Howard.

How to Get Turducken in Madden 23?

For this year’s Thanksgiving promo, EA Sports kind of made this a little bit hidden, so to get this Madden 23 turducken collectible, what you're gonna do first is go to your Sets, then scroll on down to the Program tab, look for and select Harvest. The first set you can see is the Turducken Set, to get this completed, you need to put in one Turkey Leg, one Chicken Breast, and one Duck Wing. 

How do you get these three kinds of upgrade tokens in MUT 23? Basically, there are three ways to earn MUT 23 Turducken collectibles, they are Field Pass, Challenges, and House Rules. 

1. Level up in Field Pass to level 5, level 8, and level 11, and you can earn 25K Season XP and a Turkey Leg Collectible, Chicken Breast Collectible, and a Duck Wing Collectible respectively.

2. Once you complete the final solo challenge in each of the sequences, you can get another collectible. One of the tokens is Chicken Breast, which is the reward for 1 Star in Apple of My Pie, which is the final one in The Great Turducken Feast Part 1. You can get to the end of Part 2 and complete it for another collectible.

3. Take part in House Rules to reach level 3, level 5, and level 8, you can get a Duck Wing Collectible, a Chicken Breast Collectible, and a Turkey Leg Collectible respectively.