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NBA 2K22 Beat Computer Defense Guide: How To Get Past CUP AI Defenders?

6/16/2022 11:09:24 AM

Playing a computer or a human who rather you deal with the computer in NBA 2K22 can be frustrating, as simple things you rely on against b-ball fan 69 aren't as exploitable against computer-controlled players. So with this guide, we are going to give you a few tips on how to beat computer defenders in NBA 2K22 on current and next-gen consoles.


Tip 1 - Protect The Ball 

One of the first things you have to watch out for you want to protect the ball as much as you can if you're not actively trying to do something by holding the left trigger button on your controller, so whether it's calling to play or in general messing around in the menu you can be much better protected against a high-level pickpocketer or an opponent who wants to switch on and take his chances if he sees the ball just sitting there. 

Tip 2 - Create Space

The catch means you haven't dribbled the ball yet, if the defender is all in your face and you plan on dribbling the first thing you're going to want to do is create some space for yourself before you attack, and there are a few ways to do it:

  • 1. You can manually step back a couple of steps with your left stick to give yourself space to operate

  • 2. You can utilize the triple threat step back by holding the right trigger and aiming the right stick straight down to give yourself space from the defender

  • 3. From which you can attack or counter off immediately, you can perform a side hesitation which you can activate by holding the right trigger and aiming the right stick to the left or right, where you then cross back over once the defender starts to move his feet.

Now if you have a live dribble, you again want to create space for yourself if the defender is guarding you close, but you also need to make sure the ball isn't in harm's way while attempting to do so, so once the defender starts to get close to you you again want to get into the habit of holding the left trigger on your controller to protect the ball without spending NBA 2K22 MT. From this position, you can do this to create space:

  • 1. First, you again can manually back up with the left stick to create space

  • 2. Secondly, you can hold the right trigger and flick the right stick down to perform a step back escape dribble to gain space

  • 3. Lastly either between the legs cross escape or a regular cross escape to try and create space laterally and drive or counter off of it

Now once you have enough room, you can begin to beat the computer off the dribble, where the key to doing so which is true in real life is to get them to move their feet and counter off of that, or get them to freeze through dribble combos.

From a standstill position, you can build off of a simple between a legs escape dribble:

  • 1. First, you can start off with the between the legs of skate dribble give the computer a chance to react and move their feet a bit then bring the ball back the other way

  • 2. Secondly, as a change-up a combination of a between the legs crossed, then in between the legs escape drill but then bringing the ball back the other way again

  • 3. Or as a carrying off the battle between the legs crossed then the between the legs escape dribble then a step back dribble to finish it off to open up space for yourself if the defender is still with you.

Of course, badges like quick first steps, space creator, ankle breaker, and tight handles will help you in executing this to the highest level. Now when attacking the move, you're going to want to utilize the regular crossover which you can do by clicking the right stick up into the left or up and to the right whatever side that's your non-ball hand. When you're about to dribble away from colliding with the defender, so you can get them sliding the other way where you can then continue driving or pull up.

You also want to perform this more on an angle instead of going straight downhill as it creates space a lot better against the computer while protecting the ball. The key is to get the computer defender moving, so you can then build off of it.

Tip 3 - Run Plays

Another way to beat computer defenders is frankly run in place, this is true against pure computer defense or human-computer defense. In MyCareer plays where you're asked to dart to the corner ball work extremely well, and plays against humans that have more than one action happening at the same time can put them in a bind, as we all know off-ball guys are at their most comfortable regarding somebody who's just standing there and roam wherever they feel the threat. Take something basic like:

If you're big and shoot get their user and his player for room protection instead of just parking him at the three-point line and adding some plays for him to run to have their big man chasing. Or let's say you're on a pick and roll with an off-ball screen happening at the same time.

Now we got problems, if that user is in their big in the pick-and-roll, the old ball screen is happening now if they're using the player in the corner and that man is receiving a screen now, you have to defend that. They can't just add read it and blow up anything, you're trying to do because they know where their assignment is. So it's beneficial to get your other players moving and doing stuff, so your opponent has to make decisions and not get too comfortable sitting in the corner and stealing for the whole possession, we want it set up so whoever they choose to guard they're wrong because something else is happening.

Tip 4 - Fastbreak

Lastly, the easiest way to beat the computer in NBA 2K22 is when you force a miss shot on defense to dominate in the fast break where you can generate a lot more open threes and assists. But when the competition rises you won't get as many chances to do so, so you have to capitalize.

Now the computer is tough because they don't willingly put themselves out of position for ball handlers doing simple stuff, so you got to work for it, but there are a few ways to do that, and following basic basketball principles we can still catch them slipping and with this guide we hope we were able to give you a few tips to be able to beat computer defenders in NBA 2K22 on current and next-gen consoles.