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More Free Keys and Black Market Decal Giveaway For Over 500/1000 Players, Join Our Open Free Crates Win Free RL Items Event!

9/7/2018 4:51:24 PM

Our new event - Open Free Crates Win Free RL Keys/Crates has achieve great success as it offers a complete free and easy way to help RL players earn Rocket League crates and keys without spending a single penny on RocketPrices.Com! Thanks for all of your supports and kindness, more and betters rewards are planned to be added in the future!


Our Play Free RL Crate Simulator Win Free RL Keys/Crates

Since the release of the giveaway, we have 20 x free Impact crates for each Top 10 winners, then start from 1st September, 2018, total 30 x tradable Rocket League keys for all platforms has been added and rewarded to the Top 3 winners and the 100th/200th ranked player of Top Crate Opening on our Rocket League Crate Simulator! More details about WIN FREE CRATES/KEYS you can see in the TOP 10 RANK page!

Win Free Rocket League Keys, Crates On RocketPrices

More Free Keys Giveaway, More Players Rewarded!

Now in order to sincerely give back to all RL players, we are planning to add more giveaways to reward more players, such as more free Rocket League Keys would be given out to help the players enjoy Premium Rocket Pass!

Plan 1

If the registered players of our crate simulator reaches 500+, more FREE KEYS would be given out, and more players would be rewarded, such as:

- 10 Free Keys to each of the Top 3 Winners!

- 5 Keys to each of the players ranked on 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th, 500th ….

Plan 2

If the registered players of our crate simulator reaches 1000+, except the 20 free crates and 10 free keys, a Black Market Decal or White Octane Car to The Top 1 Winner!


So if you do like our giveaway event now, please share the event to your friends, family and other Rocket League gamers! The more gamers join our event - Play Free RL Crate Simulator Win Free RL Keys/Crates, the more players win, the more free keys would be rewarded on RocketPrices.Com