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What would you like to win in “Lucky Bow and Arrow”?

8/28/2012 3:45:23 PM

Have you participated the member activity “Lucky Bow and Arrow”? If you still have not join it, then sign in and take your chance everyday. This is a free activity which you can take part everyday. If you have take the raffle, then what did you win, Diablo 3 Gold or Gems? Is the prize what you want? It would be great to know what others have taken in the raffle.


The prizes taken away are as follows:


1000 K Diablo 3 Gold       22 players

2000 K Diablo 3 Gold      18 players

Flawless Star Emerald*1     8 players

Flawless Star Ruby*1        10 players

Flawless Star Topaz*1      16 players

Perfect Star Emerald*1     12 players

Perfect Star Ruby*1          10 players

Perfect Star Topaz*1        12 players

Star Emerald*1                 16 players

Star Ruby*1                      14 players

Star Topaz*1                     12 players


You can see from the list that “1000K Diablo 3 Gold” prize has taken a great part in the overall. Is this what you need? We would like to give you a chance to make the activity more charming for you. Select the prize you would most like to win. And we would adjust the prize rate to meet your demand.


1. More Diablo 3 Gold rate, less gem rate


2. More flawless Gems rate, less gold rate


3. The current rate is perfect


4. More little prizes with a higher winning rate


Choice 1 means that there would be more prizes of Diablo 3 Gold. And the gems winning rate will be lowered correspondingly.


Choice 2 means there would be more rate for the flawless gems. So the other prize rate would be lowered.


Choice 3 means you are satisfied with the current winning category and rate.


Choice 4 means More chances are available with even little prize. Take the first prize 50000 K Diablo 3 Gold for example. It would be divided into 21 chances of 1000k + 5 chances o 2000k + 5 chances of 3000k +1 chance of 4000k.