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What Would You Want To See in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team ?

8/12/2014 12:20:22 PM

As we all know the FIFA 15 would be released on Sept.23, it’s fair to say that the introduction of Ultimate Team in Fifa has been a success. Recently, we noticed the FIFA 15 Team Management brings the new content. You more detailed you can visit: New Changes of FIFA 15 Team Management. Today, we would like to talk about FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, what would you want to see? What’s your expecting?


Let Us Win Players

When I first heard about FUT back when it was DLC, I expected it to be about picking up players from your opponents. After all, it’s basically a trading card game . Adding the option to select a card from a team you beat would really add an extra incentive to all matches, especially when playing the better teams.

While currently you can occasionally win special card packs through winning select tournaments, the ability to win a TOTW player or other special cards would allow players more chance of actually getting some of the better players into their teams. At the moment, you can spend millions of coins on random packs and end up no better off. At the very least, guarantee us a TOTW or Legends card in special packs.



Pink Slip Matches

Pink Slip matches (where players gamble high value cards in one-off matches) are already popular amongst the online Fifa community, but to do it you need to game the transfer system. EA should include it as a mode within the game and introduce a whole new risk/reward factor into already tense online matches.

Release FUT as a stand-alone game

Earlier this year EA announced that FUT was by far the most popular mode in the series, with over 500,000 transfers taking place every hour. In fact. FUT is so popular among some players that they only play that mode and ignore all the other features of the game. While Fifa already sells by the articulated lorry load, releasing it as a cheaper downloadable title would get more people to play, and grow EA’s revenue even more.


Improve the Transfer Market

Considering the transfer market is the crux of FUT, the in-game system isn’t all that great. Quite often the servers will crash mid search or you don’t get enough time and FUT Coins to react to a listed transfer. Another annoyance is the fact you can’t search for special cards like TOTW player,s so you have to trawl through hundreds of auctions in order to find the card you’re looking for. A few small tweaks here and there would greatly improve the experience.