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WildStar: How to Farm WildStar Gold at

6/5/2014 3:19:59 PM

WildStar has been released on June 3, 2014. Many MMORPG fans love it so much, but we have to admit that it is not easy to farm gold there. So, we are here today to discuss some possible ways to farm WildStar Gold in WS.


First of all, be involved in the game and find your teammates there. We believe teammates would be a really important part no matter you want to experience the dungeon, the raid or the PVP. Usually, we get gold from completing quests, killing humanoid monsters and leveling, and with teammates, we can accelerate our procedure.


Second, make full use of WildStar Auction House. It needs our sharp sight to choose the right WildStar Items to auction. Also, during the negotiation, we need proper skills to communicate and make decisions. And you can select two professions in WS to craft items for yourself and for your selling.


Third, gathering all the material including mining, herbalism, and skinning whilst crafting professions can involve blacksmithing, alchemy, enchanting, inscription, engineering, jewel crafting, tailoring and, leather working. Gathering is a good profession to make money really fast as we don’t need to spend any money for these items. And if you trust your skills and want to make more money in a long time, you can use your items to craft new items for better profit.


There are also other ways in WildStar to make money, all of these needs hard work and proper skills. But it is not the case in, as a professional MMPRPG game supporter, we are dedicated to offer better service and cheaper gold for you. And if you need WildStar news, WildStar guide, WildStar power leveling guide and so on, can also help you greatly. We also have a great news to share with you here.  You are offered a coupon named “wsplatinum”with 3% discount on any items and gold you bought there. Check it before your paying, you can enjoy a even cheaper price.


Wish our news will help you enjoy WS better.