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Diablo 3 RoS Crusader Guide: Captain America build and model

4/15/2014 3:44:24 PM

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Recently, the film of Captain America 2 released. Now, the ingeniously Diablo 3 player create an excellent Captain America in the game through enchanting system. Of course, the Crusader is the prototype, as you can see here.




In addition that, the Captain America skill build is popular now. There are lots of players want to come up with a unique and effective build. After several test, we are glad to introduce the skill build and items for Crusader who want to be the Captain in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.



To match with this build, i have to mention the most important items:Gyrfalcon's Foote and Jekanbord here. As you can see the secondary property, the Blessed Shield now cost 0 wrath! Condemn with unleashed rune for instant cast. 15 sec cd requires 0 wrath. Heaven's Fury with either Ascendancy or Split fury rune has 20 sec cooldown and requires 0 wrath. Bombardment with Impactful bombardment 60 seconds CD requires 0 wrath. We will use the passive lord commander to bring the cd to 40 seconds. From here, we can clear know the advantage of this build is:1. No Wrath Required, 2. Playing a better version of Captain America is cool, 3. It is very effective.