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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Legendary Drop Increased in Patch 2.0.4- Conduit and Goblin Groups in Rift

4/10/2014 6:16:04 PM

We all know there are lots of cool shrine in the Rift, which can bring the different bonus. The most attractive and gorgeous is the Conduit Pylon, the effect is lightning zaps your surroundings for 30 seconds. During the high difficult level, if you encounter a Conduit Pylon and two groups Goblin, what would happen? We glad to share the video here.




Today, the community manager has posted the bonus legendary drop rate for Rifts is being increased from 25% to 100%! Sounds great! We calculated the latest drop rate according with the Lylirra posted on community, so, the consequence as follow:

Legendary Items Drop Rate Bonus

T1: 15% (1.15)
T2: 32% (1.3225)
T3: 52% (1.520875)
T4: 75% (1.74900625)
T5: 101% (2.0113571875)
T6: 131% (2.313060765625)

Legendary Item Drop Rate Bonus in Rift

T1: 130% (2.3)
T2: 165% (2.645)
T3: 204% (3.04175)
T4: 250% (3.4980125)
T5: 302% (4.022714375)
T6: 363% (4.62612153125)