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Legendary Items Recommendation for Diablo III Patch 2.0.1 Wizard

3/13/2014 6:12:39 PM

What is the highlight of Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.1? Most of players would refer to the Loot 2.0, and some would prefer to the items drop rate. Well, no matter what different attack you come to D3, the big adjustment about legendary items totally bring the different gaming experience. Today, we would share some amazing items for Wizard in new patch!


As you can see from the data:
Arcane skills deal 20-25% more damage (which is specialized for wizard)
Attack Speed Increased
Critical Hit Chance Increased


The Primary properties are attractive, and the secondary property which deal 240-320% weapon damage as Arcane to close enemies within 15 yards are so cool! It is very violent melee damage!



Another amazing items must be the Tal Rashs’s set which has the property you can see as follow: Damaging enemies with Arcane, Cold , Fire or Lighting will cause a Meteor of the same damage type to fall from the sky. There is an eight cd for each damage type. Sounds great and attractive? If you invite three Wizard who are equipped with Tal Rashs’s sets, what kind of effect would you get? That’s incredible!