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The Investigation of Diablo III Patch 2.0.1 Satisfaction

3/7/2014 6:50:53 PM

The Patch 2.0.1 has released for a week, recently the new patch 2.0.2 as for the supplement release to fix some problems. There is no doubt the most popular discussion during this period is the drop rate and new legendary items. As for patch 2.0.1, the new characteristic and totally adjustment for paragon level system, trading system which bring us different gaming experience.


After experience the new patch, how about your feeling?Some players think Blizzard changed Diablo III so much that it might as welk be a different game, feel angry and disapCoined. While, some players really enjoy the great patch. “This major update revamps the core loot systems on which the entire game runs, rejigs skills for every class, redesigns boss fights and adds new stuff, like cursed shrines and nephalem glory globes.”

How about your opinion? If the full score is 5, how many score would Patch 2.0.1 get?


1. 5 Coins, perfect patch 2.0.1, sufficient content
2. 4 Coins, excellent adjustment, and expecting RoS
3. 3 Coins, it is ok, there are advantage and disadvantage
4. 2 Coins, not very good
5. 1 Coin, i hate this terrible patch