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Diablo III Patch 2.0.1 Frozen Wizard Solo T5 Skill Build

3/6/2014 5:59:00 PM

If you love the Ice Control Wizard, you may love my skill build and video. Finally, the Patch 2.0.1 bring some different thing for us. Now , it is high time come back to Diablo III and test more various skill build. So, i decided to chose Wizard as the first class to farm items now and waiting for the coming of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls!


First, i would like to talk about how to add Paragon Coin. The Defense has four attributes you can choose. To add all Coins on Cooldown Reduction and Critical Hit Chance so that you can ensure the Slow time and Mirror Image release and the arcane recovery fast. Meanwhile, to add Resource Cost Reduction obviously aims to improve the recover efficient of Arcane.


1. Arcane Orb + Frozen Orb: this skill can create ice bolts with large area with 393% cold weapon damage which would better to deal with the scattered monsters.
2. Meteor + Comet: this skill is appropriate for Small scale high density monsters.
3. Blizzard + Frozen Solid: when you are encounter large scale monster with middle density this skill can play an important role.
4. The Coin of No Return is the only secure skill in this build which would stun monsters within 3 seconds.


When you encounter the monster group, first you should release the Blazing Hydra to attack monsters, then release Duplicates to taunt nearby enemies. Next, you can release the Blizzard, Comet and Frozen Orb according successively