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Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.1 Demon Hunter Beginning Farming Skill Build Shared

3/4/2014 10:25:54 AM

Finally, the Patch 2.0.1 is coming now. I supposed most of players are putting themself into farming D3 Gold and Items. Meanwhile, to test different skill build is a great choice either! Now, we are glad to share my experience about Demon Hunter farming skill build in Patch 2.0.1! Well, hope you can learn more from it, and any good idea you can share with us on FACEBOOK.


This build is good for the low level about T1-2, and the equipment prefer to new version.

The Advantage:

1. Vault + Tactical Advantage + Hot Pursuit, powerful skill combination for farming gold efficient
2. Clyster Arrow + Fan of Knives, super explosive power


The Characteristic:

Vault + Tactical Advantage + Hot Pursuit, 80% movement speed increased bonus.(The run of Action Shot can trigger Hot Pursuit 205 movement speed increased when you are running)
 Loaded for Bear + Fan of Knives, 1500%*N + 1200% powerful weapon damage.
Ferret Companion + Blood Vengeance, best combination to recover the life blood and hatred.
Preparation, instantly restore 30 discipline to support Loaded for Bear released.
Smoke Screen: there is no doubt that is the skill to save your life in emergency.


Here is my panel:


Due to the disadvantage of DH energy system, if you want to increase the efficiency of farming, you should use the New Inna’s set improve the discipline limited. While, i armed with the old Inna’s set. As you can see from the panel, the DPS only 170000, and EHP 420000. Although the number is poor, you can wipe out the elites within 3-5 seconds.




I chose the Tower of The Cursed Level 1-3 and The Core of Arreat as the farming route. While, the connection is unsteadiness so that prolong the time. Generally, just take 3minutes that you can finish this route.


All in all, this build can provide you 205% movement speed increased and the powerful critical hits of Fan Knives and Loaded of Bear would increase DPS sharply. Well, this build just for the newbie who want to choose DH in Diablo III Patch 2.0.1. Welcome the expert player share your excellent build and items with us!