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Diablo 3 ROS Legendary Chest Armor Cindercoat Analysis

2/24/2014 2:57:29 PM

[Reaper of Souls]With the increase of legendary drop in the diablo 3 reaper of souls, a lot of friends would find a lot of good chest armor better than Cindercoat. But is it true that Cindercoat is only a legendary worth crafting?


Legendary Chest Amor Cindercoat

diablo 3 legendary chest cindercoat

Fire Skills deal 18% more damage.
+482 Intelligence
+95 Resistance to All Elements
+12% Life


Reduces damage from ranged attacks by 6.0%.
Reduces the resource cost of Fire Skills by 25%.


With the UI change, you can see the elemental damages increase figures immediately.
Elemental Damage Sheet

diablo 3 elemental damage sheet


Elemental Skills
Cyclone Strike- Sunburst Fire

diablo 3 fire damage skill cyclone strike sunburst


If it is in Diablo 3, this chest armor is only worth crafting without doubt. In D3, we all need the three sockets in the chest.


But this is a level 70 ROS items. It can increase the fire damage as well as decrease the fire skill resources consumption enormously. With the help of another good legendary items, you can definitely create a fire build with high elemental damage. This is exactly the design thesis of Diablo 3 ROS items.


So, if you get a Cindercoat drop in ROS. Keep it for future use instead of craft it for Brimstone.