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ROS PTR Legendary Bow Cluckeye Damage Testing

2/12/2014 10:02:29 AM

[Reaper of Souls]Wouldn't it be really cool to fire chicken out to attack mobs? I just got a legendary bow named Cluckeye in the Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls PTR. I guess a lot of players have heard about it. But do you know how to get the highest damage through the Cluckeye?



Legendary Bow Cluckeye

diablo 3 legendary bow cluckeye


At first, I thought this weapon is a just another toy just like the Horadric Hamburger. But I have suddenly though of some posts I have seen about the Cluckeye. The Splash damage really impressed me a lot. So I decide to test the Cluckeye damage for entertainment.

Cluckeye Testing

diablo 3 cluckeye testing


This is my farming damage sheet.

diablo 3 demon hunter farming sheet


This is the sheet damage by Cluckeye bow. You can see that the yellow figure stays steadily at 266154 which is pretty awesome. diablo 3 critical hit damage of cluckeye


But I do not why it stays so steadily. Then I change the Witching Hour with a Rare Belt with less attack speed and critical hit damage. The sheet damage has dropped dramatically.

diablo 3 rare belt cluckeye damage


So I guess the Cluckeye damage has something to do with the critical hit damage bonus. Of course, it may has something to do with fixed XX% weapon damage. You may like more ROS news like
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