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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Crusader One Hand Holy Damage Build

2/6/2014 11:54:42 AM

[Reaper of Souls]In Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls, one items can drive you to another build. This is true to me. I have got a Skycutter one hand legendary sword with 40% holy damage. According to the features of Skycutter of low DPH and Holy Damage, I decide to build my Improve my Crusader in this direction.

diablo 3 item skycutter legendary sword


To increase DPH
In the old version of Diablo 3, the traditional way to increase the DPH is to get the maximum damage and minimum damage from the accessories. But under the circumstance of high weapon damage of ROS, the accessory damage increase is too small. As Crusader is special at Shield, I have chosen two skills to increase the Block Strength to increase DPH.


Shield Bash: cost 30 Wrath
Bash all enemies in front and cause 350% weapon damage plus 100% shield block amount as damage as holy.


Blessed Shield: cost 20 Wrath
Hurl a celestial shield at enemies, dealing 280% weapon damage and 100% of shield block amount as damage. The shield would strike three enemies nearby.


Punish: generate 5 Wrath per Hit
Smash your enemy for 140% weapon damage and heighten your battle senses, increasing your block chance by 50% for 5 seconds.


The block rate can be buffed by the Strength and Critical Hit Damage


Items Choices
Weapon: Skycutter
Ring: Stone of Jordan
Bracer: Holy skills deal 14% more damage

diablo 3 ros bracer with holy damage

Amulet: Holy skills deal 15% more damage

diablo 3 ros amulet with holy damage


If you have more items with holy skills damage increase items, you would find this build more rewarding.


Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Crusader Holy Damage Skycutter Build

diablo 3 reaper of souls crusader holy damage one hand skycutt build

Main Skill: Punish (Celerity)
To increase the Block Chance and generate Wrath quickly, I have chosen rune Celerity 15% to increase the attack speed. Of course, you can replace it with rune Roar to increase the damage as well.

Supporting Skill: You can choose between Shield Bash and Blessed Shield.
Pound: Shield Bash cause 550% weapon damage and 150% block holy damage, range decreased to 8 yards. Have this remind you of Barbarian Hammer of the Ancients? After a long time of Barbarian play, I would like to use this skill as Hammer of the Ancients.


Now AOE damage skills
Fist of the Heavens: cost 30 Wrath
"Call a lightning bolt down from the sky, dealing 440% weapon damage to any enemy within 20 yards. When the lightning bolt hits the ground, it splits into 6 piercing charged bolts that fire outward, dealing 320% weapon damage to enemies they pass through."
Rune: Divine Well
Attack enemies within 20 yards and 12% weapon damage as Holy damage.


Phalanx- Bowmen
Four Bowmen, each with 10 arrows. Most damage are done by this skill
Steed Charge- Endurance
Is there any Crusader who would not chosen this skill? Cool, out of trouble and movement. I have chosen the four seconds rune.
Laws of Valor- Unstoppable Force


Passive Skills:
Long Arm of the Law (Increase the passive proc effect duration of all Laws for five seconds.)
Holy Cause (Your weapon holy damage increased by 10%. When you give holy damage, you gain 1% of your maximum Health.)
Righteousness (Your primary skill generate additional 3 Wrath. Maximum Wrath increase to 30)

Wrathful(If you have enough EPH, you can replace this with Insurmountable which would increase your Block Chance by 30% if you are surround by 4 or more monsters within 12 yards)


Play style:
Now the main play is to kill Elites. If there are a lot of monsters around the Elites, you can use the Laws of Valor to decrease the Wrath consumption. Fist of Heavens spam. After a round, the monsters would almost be cleared. Do not use the Phalanx first as the target of this skills is random. When the normal monster almost die, use Phalanx to ensure that Bowmen damage the Elites. As the Wrath would be almost empty, use Punish to increase the generation of Wrath. With the Righteous, every hit can generate 8 Wrath. And then Shield Bash. You can repeat Punish ->Shield Bash -> Punish -> Shield Bash. As most of skills are Wrath consumption, the runes I have chosen for Steed is Wrath generation.


Diablo 3 Crusader Shield

diablo 3 reaper of souls shield for crusader

Sheet Numbers:

diablo 3 crusader sheet number

Increase Attack Speed. As it is one hand weapon, the high the attack speed, the quicker the Wrath Regeneration.
Increase Wrath Reduction. If you can get 40% wrath consumption reduction, it would be reasonable.
Increase damage items. Helm, Boots and Shield.
Diablo 3 Rare Helm for Crusader to increase damage.

Tips: Asheara Set
Two set would get 100 all elements resistance. Three set would get 20% Life bonus. The Iron Wolves plan can be found at the North Oasis Purple Snake monster.
Gloves: Immortal King's Irons


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