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Diablo III Demon Hunter Quiver Patch 2.0 Enchanting Guide

1/27/2014 3:09:20 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Demon hunter off-hand quiver is an important assistant in battles. Patch 2.0 makes enchant an essential part in diablo 3 and in this way equipment become more perfect. This time we are going to discuss demon hunter quiver Dead Man's Legacy enchanting with you.


The known item affix of current Dead Man's Legacy: Dexterity 150-200, Vitality 150-200, random affixes. If your item has more than 200 dexterity or vitality, it's because the property appears in the random affix. In general, dexterity and vitality 300 Dead Man's Legacy is not necessary to enchant in reaper of souls.


In patch 2.0 enchanting, affixes will display separately and you can see 2 affixes. The principle is that if there is dexterity property you can not enchant or lose 1 affix. So what kind of Dead Man's Legacy can enchant? For example, if the quiver has 190 dexterity, 290 vitality and 100 intelligence, the random affixes are vitality and intelligence so the enchant choice is dexterity. Basically, it's hard to get a satisfying result.   


To get the max benefit from old equipment by enchanting, for Dead Man's Legacy, sockets and 12% life are the best.
If the item has sockets, dexterity can be 500 in theory. Gem adds 280 dexterity and 200 vitality, 20% attack speed, 10% critical hit chance, which is no difference with level 70 items. 
If the item adds 12% life, in reaper of souls vitality 4000 is not hard to reach so enchant dexterity. 12% life benefit is vitality 480 and 400 more dexterity by enchanting, which is the most benefited.