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Diablo 3 Wizard Lightning Stun Genre

8/23/2012 11:52:58 AM

1.0.4 Patch is a enormous update without question. There is no need for me to explain. This time I would like to specify Wizard. This play style is a brand new one after the patch and suitable for Act 1-Act4. This Build does not need much Diablo 3 Gold and can be applied to most players. This Legendary Axe is my prize in the first hour.


In this update, there is not much change in the Wizard Hydra which is explained quite clear in the official blog. Blizzard wish players to use Mammoth Hydra and Lightning Hydra as often as possible. And these skills should not rely too much on Venom Hydra.


This statistics are from the official news “
Arcane Hydra: Weapon damage increased from 28% to 60% per Arcane Orb
 Lightning Hydra: Weapon damage increased from 34% to 64%
 Frost Hydra: Weapon damage increased from 31% to 36%
 Mammoth Hydra: Weapon damage increased from 22% to 67%”   


In this skill update, the Mammoth Hydra is rather noticeable. But if you take a close look and you will see  that Lightning Hydra increase a lot as well. Why should I remind you this? Because the Build I recommend today relies on Lightning Hydra Stun. Now I would explain the Build and application.


First let’s see the Build Picture


Diamond Skin- Crystal Shell
“Diamond Skin
Skill Rune - Mirror Skin
Amount of damage reflection increased from 50% to 100%
Skill Rune - Enduring Skin
Duration bonus increased from 8 seconds to 9 seconds
Skill Rune - Diamond Shards
Weapon damage increased from 155% to 210%”   

Crystal Shell is still the only choice for the dungeon clearing. Absorbing more damage can promise the output of damage. For example, Mirror Skin is prepared for the coming PVP.


Blizzard: slow the movement of foes which is essential both in PVE and PVP. In Diablo 3 all editions, Blizzard is the most important one for the Wizard.


Shock Pulse, Lightning Hydra, Paralysis


These three skills are the core of this build. While the Blizzard slowing down the foes, with the Shock Pulse and Lightning Hydra use, trigger the Paralysis. This can make your enemies under the full control o you.


Glass Gannon
I must mention here that in this update all the stats of the Champions have been reduced significantly whether it is health or damage. So Glass Cannon has been under Wizard’s disposal again. High DPS is the guarantee of all Dungeon clearance.


Teleport with Rune Fracture or Reversal as you like. In Act 3, I would highly recommend the Rune Fracture as the room in the map is limited and not able to move at a large scale.

 Energy Armor:  Rune Prismatic Armor to increase all your resistances by 40%


There is not requirement in the equipment. Under the Buff, it is enough with 35,000 DPS, 700 resistance to all elements, 40,000 Health Globe. As to the critical damage and Life on Hit stats, there is no requirement and no need to accumulate high on purpose.


Tips: In Act 3 Tower of the Damned, it is not able to use the Bug Venom Hydra. So it is the best choice to slow down and stun the foes.