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Diablo III PS3 Guide: How to Copy or Keep Character & Equipment Archives


No matter you play sc or hc, sometimes you may feel tired to level up a character step by step from 1 to 60 at playstation 3, and copying a high level role from friends would be convenient and simple. Or you just want to try a challenge again from the start. How to copy and keep character & equipment archives fast and efficient? Let's see the detailed steps followed.


Character Copy


1. PS3, PC and USB prepared, and Brute Force 4.1.5;
2. Keep archives of character data you plan to copy, and put it to PC through USB (we call it A2). To make it easier, you'd better delete all the other roles' data except the one you are going to copy;
3. Build a new character in your own archives, and make it the same name, class and gender with the one you copy;
4. Put your archives to PC using USB (we call this one A1);
5. Decrypt All Files of A1 and A2 with Brute Force. This step is very important because only Decrypt first can you move the archives;
6. Copy A2 character archives to A1, and change the name to the same with A1 HRO archive. Attention that the HRO archive number is the same with your character number. Usually your new built A1 is the smallest one and easy to find out;
7. Use Brute Force to do with A1 as step of Update PFD All→Verify PFD→Rebuild. If succeed, you'll see blue and no red;
8. Copy A1 to PS3.


At the beginning you will find it shows new built character level 1 in the menu, though it's the copied one after entering game. At this moment what you need to do is going to the next level and then everything will be ok.


Equipment, Materials and D3 Gold Copy


1. PS3, U-disk or other removable storage devices and 2 controlling prepared;
2. PS3 main interface, move mouse to the far left icon and you can see the current user. It's system acquiescent user 1. Create a new one user 2.
3. Switch to user 2, build a new account and enter the game.
4. Use the second controlling and press start to join the game. Put the equipment, materials and diablo 3 gold that need to copy to user 2.
5. Exit the game and user 2 now is still online at PS3. Plug in U-disk and copy the archives.
6. Enter the game and return the equipment, materials and gold from user 2 to user 1, exit the game.
7. Copy the archives from U-disk to PS3. Enter the game again and two uses will have the same equipment, materials and d3 gold.


If you think it trouble to do these steps, you can also use the archives of others directly and put it under PS3\SAVEDATA and switch to user 2 to copy.