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What Drop Can We Get in Diablo III PTR 2.0 Beta

12/19/2013 4:26:03 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Diablo III PTR Beta is open to all players but some who were invited have the right to experience the content of reaper of souls. Monsters in Nephalem rifts and bounties will have more chances to drop legendary items. The lucky dogs are very few and most players can only play the game with limited optional skills. I'd like to share what kind of drops I've gotten from PTR battles with level 60 monk.


The video is provided by player phebe sal


Here are some items from monsters in festering woods and fields of misery. The majority of drops are rare items and there are only two legendaries in my six hours' farming. On one hand, smart drop system enables many items available to your playing character but not all. You may pick up equipment not for present class too. On the other hand, the rare items have good primary stats at most times. As to if it's useful or not, that depends on the quality of your equipped ones. 


item drop in d3 ptr


In general, the monsters will drop gem, potion, equipment, crafting material, demonic essence, blood, diablo 3 gold and nephalem glory. Rare items are easy to get in PTR beta while the white become less than before. And most of all, the drop from monsters is not limited by game difficulty. Expert and Master have the same drop, let alone hard and normal. By the way, not all the gems and potions in the picture above are from monster drop, while others are.


legendaries in ptr


The legendaries will have one or more amazing and powerful properties. I believe it will be better in rifts and bounties. 


nephalem glory



Nephalem Glory will appear as white blood ball drop from golden monsters in battles. There are a few types and one with which it will appear two golden lines behind your character and add damage when fighting.  Its battle effect is like the image above.


white gem


White gem is new ruby in diablo3. I picked one in battles and it seems to have different properties comparing with red or green ruby. For enemies are designed stronger in reaper of souls, white gem properties are helpful to defeat elites or bosses.


rare crafting marterial


Rare crafting material is very easy to get. Maybe it's because rare items are common in the future and they will be mainly used for crafting.