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Diablo III PTR 2.0 Beta Legendary Drop First Look

12/16/2013 3:28:13 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Diablo III PTR 2.0 beta has been started for some days and many people have gotten some legendaries drop from monsters. Item drop in Loot 2.0 is based on the rule “less drop, better quality”, cause a part of players picked no legendaries after farming four acts. Some of the participants felt satisfied with the drop while some didn't after experiencing. How do you think of the items you got in the beta? Well, you may have problem enter the game at the early stage, keep patient. Now let's see some legendary drops from the beta players.






The drop will be more helpful based on the class you are playing with loot 2.0 system. Usually you can see stats improving skill damage, like the picture above shows. Not only for your characters in game, there are also legendaries for followers. Equip the follower with powerful items will also help a lot in battles.



It's almost level 60 items at present. You could farm lvl 61 equipment at the very first in PTR beta but blizzard adjusted it. They are supposed to be more wonderful than lvl 60. Look forward to get a big surprise then.