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Keep Diablo III Items before Reaper of Souls

12/12/2013 2:42:54 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]News from players that reaper of souls may put on sale on March 25, 2014. And it's time to think about what equipment to store for new expansion. No matter what changes it will make in ros, some items are worth keeping in stock. In general, percent properties have higher storing value, like critical hit chance, attack speed, critical hit damage and so on.


Stone of Jordan


We don't know what level 70 stone of Jordan design is, but property element damage and increase damage against elites is going to keep value for sure. In ros bosses and elites are all strengthening and make the latter property more useful. Skill improving and increasing class resource upper limit of stone of Jordan also the reason why it will keep value. Now the price of SoJ in auction house is very cheap, so you can refer to the level 70 class changes, plan the future build in ros, and decide what kind of stone to store. Because black weapon has been fixed and element damage percent add property of SoJ is not as powerful as before. If you can reroll it to 20%-30% improve skill damage, that is wonderful too. 



Items with attack speed, critical hit chance and critical hit damage


Mempo of Twilight and Lacuni now are very popular in auction house. Mempo has 10-12 percent life and all resistance and it can be one of the best items to begin exploring ros after reroll primary properties. Well, if survival reward succeeded joining the expansion, the pursue of equipment dps at present stage will be broken then, while some properties like vitality may become main stat. If so, the value of mempo will go down.  
Comparing with legendaries that have offensive attributes, amulets and gloves with attack speed, critical hit chance and critical hit damage are replaceable in ros. If you get an item with 2 offensive attributes, you can reroll it to have all the three stats mentioned by enchanting easily. Survival reward system is a factor you must consider if they are in your plan list.


Follower equipment with special property


Follower equipment can help a lot in battles, like amulets with double MF/GF, Maximus that can summon devil, etc. They will be hard to get after the shutdown of auction house, but now it's cheap and easy to buy. Well, blizzard has decided to decrease the effect of GF/MF property, you need to consider follower equipment with some other special stats in the basis of your planning build.