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Diablo 3 RoS Monk Guide: How to Balance Defense and Offensive

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Diablo III Guide: Dual-wield Monk Wave of Light Build and Test Video


Most of us like to use wave of light in battles because of its great damage, and the problem is that it costs too much spirit. How to keep the sprit enough when fighting with monsters is always what we concern. If there are efficient solutions, the adventure will be more exciting. Let's see this build which can solve the problem for monk.



Crippling Wave (Rising Tide), Exalted Soul and Chant of Resonance are chosen for generating spirit. Rune Empowered Wave is to reduce the spirit cost of Wave of Light.

Mystic Ally: Summon an ally to help in battles with your follower. Sometimes it can act as buffer.

Mantra of Healing & Breath of Heaven: Healing skills. The rune is for more spirit and damage.

Serenity: Protective skill when in danger.


When fighting with monsters, start Mantra of Healing first to get life regeneration all the time and remember to keep it if the time is over. Then summon air ally to help around your character. Because of the amazing damage of wave of light, enter a place with high monster density as possible as you can. In this way you can kill more enemies with mighty blow, and make sure there are more than 3 monsters in to get the max damage. Do not forget to click left mouse button to generate spirit when it's not much left. Keep attention to frozen balls, poison damage and fire damage from elites. Don't stay at the same place long to avoid being killed by these damage skills.


You'd better equip with all items of Inna's Grandeur if you'd like to farm monsters with high power. The set equipment can increase spirit generation by 0.33 per second and gain 10 life per spirit spent. With the help of ally and proper running, the battles will be wonderful. 



Let's see the video test below. You can see the spirit is enough at most times in the video. Of course the equipment has related influence too. Powerful items and high dps make it available to higher MP.