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Diablo III Discussion: Item Binding in Reaper of Souls

12/9/2013 3:06:36 PM

[Diablo III]Up to now, most players know that legendary items are account bound in reaper of souls. That is a way to avoid endless trade of equipment in diablo 3 and make sure people enjoy the game more, according to development team. Well, what the true opinions of players exactly are? Let's begin the discussion.


Those who agree with this setting think it makes the drop more freely and encourages self found in the game. Item binding enables higher drop rate and better loot, while trade limit is an efficient method to inspire team farming. Anyway, it's available to trade your legendaries to teammates in 2 hours. That's a result of win-win.


Those who disagree with item binding said they feel very disapCoined in the design. If you got a nice item of monk in battles but there is no monk in your team, how to do with that? The limit allows trade among teammates only, then it is just a part of crafting materials. What's more, in ros the build for characters is mostly determined by the legendaries you equipped, which means that if you can't get better items by farming or trading among teammates, you can't change the build freely. In general, it can't satisfy the demand of players who like to try new things. Only through continuous attempts can you know the best gameplay.



People who can enjoy the game no matter how it changes may be the calmest. They play what it is and accept the designed system. If you have little ideas about the game whenever it has a change, you may have little passion or time on it, too.


Now the expansion is still on beta and many contents are having test. A lot of adjustments will be made before the final version. Some Coins think that item binding is not the most efficient way to avoid endless trade. Why not change it to decreasing the property value after each trade? In this way, the item will be worthless as the increase of trade times.
Opinions from players are always various. But what change the development team will show needs to wait.