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Diablo III Binding: Enjoy Game by Farming?

12/6/2013 3:10:31 PM

[Diablo III]There are 3 ways to bind in d3 new expansion. They are Bind on Acquire (BOA), Bind on Equip (BOE) and Bind on Trade (BOT). According to the post of community manager in official forum, we know the binding things include part of gems, crafting materials, legendary items and diablo 3 gold.



Blizzard decided to remove d3 gold auction house and made gold bind in reaper of souls. We all know that enchanting, transmogrification, crafting and repairing need a lot of diablo iii gold in ros, so if the gold can't be trade any more in the future, people will have to spend more time farming. Though the drop rate is high and equipment can help get more, it's not enough to enjoy the most game fun. To have better items, we may enchant to get a wonderful property. Well, the result depends on luck. It most likely to occur that you get one even worse that the original and you finally choose the keep the same as before, but the gold has gone.


BOT is supposed to be cancelled at the end, or only for some special ones. Legendaries and set items are set BOT at the present. Notice that auction house for equipment still features in the future. BOT can only stop multiple transactions but the trade of items works. If you trade undesired items to others, what should the buyer give you to exchange? D3 gold is bound and real-money is not available. How about materials? Well, they drop little in the game. Then it back to the times before AH shutdown.


We have bound gold, bound items and bound materials, how can we enjoy the game? Is the age of farming coming?