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Diablo III Efficient Gold Farming Route & Equipment Guide

12/5/2013 6:02:46 PM

[Diablo 3 Gold]No matter the official news of blizzard or message from beta players, it suggests that diablo 3 gold is very useful and helpful in reaper of souls. If you have made playing the new expansion as your next plan, be sure that there is enough d3 gold in stock for use at that time. Buy it online with cheap price, or farm yourself. Here we are going to share the efficient GF route and equipment guide.


Before the farming, check your equipment. Choose the ones that add extra gold from monsters on the basis of enough strength to defeat enemies. Equip your shoulders, ring and brace with this helpful property. Also not forget the follower. Choose one or two for him/her like amulet or rings. If you had these items all, you can get abundant extra gold in battles.






In general, the best place to farm diablo3 gold is where there are most monsters. Different monster density and monster power make different gold drop. The northern highlands, fields of misery and festering woods of Act I are the most popular place to go because of short time cost and high rewards. Select proper monster difficulty to guarantee the maximum efficiency. Mp1-2 is ok at most times.