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Monk Cyclone Strike Blinding Flash Build MP1 Level Up Fast

12/4/2013 12:48:42 PM

[Diablo III Guide]Monk cyclone strike is very powerful to farm a group of monsters. Kill a number of monsters in a short time can get massacre exp bonus. Working with blinding flash, cyclone strike makes a great effective method of upgrading. In this way, your monk can get exp fast and level up in shorter time.





Way of hundred fists and crippling wave: Generate spirit to use.
Cyclone strike: Pull monsters together and interrupt their attack. Rune eye of the storm can reduce spirit cost here. Implosion increases the distance to 34 yards but the spirit is hard to support.

Blinding flash: Make the enemies blind to attack more easily. Rune faith in the light deals additional 30% weapon damage.

Mantra of conviction: Add more damage to monsters in battles. This skill is efficient because it can lasts long for 3 minutes.

Serenity: To survive when in danger. Rune helps to last effect longer.

The passive skills are mainly for more life and damage. To fight with a lot of monsters, they are necessary. Beacon of Ytar is mainly for reducing cooldown of blinding flash, while combination strike improves the damage of the two spirit generating mouse skills.


As to equipment, critical hit chance, critical hit damage and movement speed are factors must be considered. Inna's set is nice or you can also choose them one by one. Torso and legs items must have sockets to put gems. If possible, go to auction house and buy some powerful items. Belt the witching hour is recommended here.



Details of battle


Choose Inferno Difficulty Act I the last quest, set monster power 1 and enter Fields of Misery.
Start mantra of conviction first and keep it in battles all the time as possible as you can. Press blinding flash when monsters around, then cyclone strike to pull them closer, and alternate use mouse skills. Remember to click mouse button take turns because combination strike will increase the damage in this way.

You can find the spirit can not support sometime, don't stop clicking mouse button. Keep moving in battles to avoid poison and other damage, or you'll be easy to die. If blinding flash is not available, use cyclone strike only to interrupt monsters. Be sure where you stand can pull enough enemies to you, or it's just a waste of spirit.


Practice makes perfect. The first time to try this build may seem not that powerful. Just an interesting idea for you to have a different try. If you have better ideas, welcome to discuss with team. Enjoy your game!