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Diablo III Discussion: Start From HC or SC in ROS

12/2/2013 10:15:43 AM

[Poll]An explanatory post was written by a senior d3 player at official forum to state the reason why he changed the mind of playing SC first instead of HC. Many changes have been made to reaper of souls, as we all know. What adventure will you get in the expansion is still a secret to most people, though there are a lot of message from the family and friends beta. After all, firsthand experience means everything.


Start form HC in ros is a little difficult. It may be fine at level 60-70 with powerful equipment. But when it gets higher? The monster power will improve with players in reaper of souls, you know.  When you become stronger, they do that too. That is to say, if there are not enough diablo 3 items in stock to support, it's hard to defeat and enjoy the trip next.
According to the beta information, players can get the most at Torment difficulty. And the problem is that even if you succeeded in difficulty Master, Torment is still a great challenge. Equipment plays an important role at this time, for it's the power basis to fight in battles. Let alone the big gap between T1 and T2.


Playing SC first ensures players the process of learning. Spend some time to know the expansion better and get used to the new difficulty settings. Know your enemy and know yourself before the great journey. Well, it can also be the preparation of nice items.


So, will you challenge HC mode as before (if you are a HC player), or start from SC mode first? Choose your answer, please. Share what you think with us. Any questions or problems, our online service is ready to help. Enjoy your stay.