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Diablo III Guide: Enchant and Transmogrification KeyCoins in ROS

11/30/2013 3:26:49 PM

[Diablo III Guide]Both Enchant and Transmogrification are popular functions in reaper of souls. To help players know them more, team collected some important issues and listed them out here. If you have more information, welcome to discuss it with us.




-Specific property of legendaries can not be enchanted, like "shrine lasts for 1 hour".

-One property can be selected to enchant and it will be the only one that can be re-rolled. For example, you choose vitality to enchant at the very first and the property of the item will be the available for enchanting forever.

-Once you decided a property to enchant, it can be re-rolled for many times and the cost will be more and more expensive.

-Affixes have special categories. Most attack and defense properties can be enchanted to other contents in the same category:
A skill improving affix can be enchanted to other skills' improving affix;
Affix with a certain rate can be enchanted to other affixes with a certain rate in the same category;
Resistance to all affix can not be enchanted to resistance to single affix, vice versa;
Negative affix can not be enchanted;
You can not get an affix the same with existing affixes of items by enchanting.

-To enchant legendary items, you need legendary materials. Like Forgotten Soul in current version.

-When you choose a property to enchant, there will be 3 options, one of which is the original one. If you feel unsatisfied with the other two, you can keep the same with before but it's still the result of enchanting.

-Click the question mark beside the property and you can see an affix pool that generates the affix only.

-Items will be account bound after enchanting.





-Artisan can get new transmogrification appearance after upgrade.

-When upgrade to 12, artisan can transmogrify all normal level items, including the new added two in ros.

-After identified, it will remind you that the legendary can be transmogrified.

-The price to transmogrify an item is 500 diablo 3 gold at present. Weapon will be more expensive. At first it's 10000, then 25000 and the highest can be 500000 (legendaries). The price for armor may increase.

-There will be a purple vortex mark to show what it changes to after transmogrification.