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Diablo III Console Version: New Function of PlayStation4

11/29/2013 5:17:07 PM

[Diablo III]Diablo 3 console version chief level designer Matthew Berger had an interview with an Australia game media. New functions were introduced in this interview and these will be the exclusive features of diablo 3 reaper of souls on PlayStation 4.


Matthew Berger said the version will make players feel they are one of the great community, even though their friends are not online with them. The new added functions are:

Player Mail
Player Gift
Monster Revenge


Player mail is simple: There is a mailbox in the country. You can open it and mail the things you find to someone else.


Player gift: When exploring in Sanctuary, you killed monsters and got trophies. Before you pick it up, there will be an option for you. You can choose to send it to Tom as a present because you are good friends and in the list of each other. The item will generate corresponding affix depending on the level and class which he use to get the gift.


Monster revenge: You are killed by a monster in the adventure. At the time you are waiting for resurrection, it will level up and disappear in a portal. Then one of your friends online in your list will see the vengeful monster in the game. The visit is random and you don't know who will be the lucky one. And the lucky dog will meet a special enemy using your name with new strength. If your friends can kill it, they will get tropies; if can't, it will level up, change name and has new power again to continue the revenge trip.