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Joshua Mosqueira Twitter: Nephalem Rifts May Add Bounties and Endless Loop

11/28/2013 3:50:38 PM

[Diablo III]Blizzard has received various feedbacks since the family and friends beta. Community manager is busy replying to all kinds of questions from players at official forum. Some people feel satisfied with the expansion contents while some are disapCoined. Due to the different opinions from players, community manager posted to emphasize the fact that ros is on beta and many changes will be made then.



Diablo III game director Joshua Mosqueira posted at twitter, which implied the possibility of adding bounties and endless loop in nephalem rifts. The details can be seen in the picture.



Many people don't understand the meaning of Turducken and Skynet in the sentence. Turducken is a kind of cooking methods in thanksgiving. In general, it is made by foisting an entire boneless chicken into a boneless duck, and then put them into a turkey. And Skynet may imply the connection among different layers of endless loop.


Players started to speculate based on the twitter sentence. Josh wrote these words aimed at telling the truth that they may add bounties to nephalem rifts. Not only that, once you completed the bounties in rifts, you may trigger a new bounty and enter a new rift. Rifts in rifts and bounties after bounties. In this way, it not only succeeds in strengthening the rewards of rifts, but also produces a system that is similar to endless dungeon.


Well, Josh left FYI at the end. Though it's a feasible idea for reaper of souls, the development team needs time to make it true. No matter it's a nice joke from Josh or they are working on it, what we can do is waiting for the following beta patch and the final official version.