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Poll: Are You Satisfied With Reaper of Souls

11/27/2013 11:08:15 AM

[Poll]Now it's the time of Diablo III Family & Friends beta. And every day players can get a lot of primary data from the participants. Some people are addicted to the wonderful contents and hope to experience by themselves as soon as possible while others think it's unworthy to spend time on this frustrating new expansion. As a d3 player, what's your opinion about reaper of souls after knowing the facts of it? Vote the one in your mind, please.


Satisfied. Adventure mode and Nephalem Rifts have attracted many players' attention. The challenging quests and mysterious storyline make they feel very excited. Enchanting, crafting and farming, each of these steps in new expansion seems interesting and wonderful. Skills and affixes have been improved much, which adds the game fun a lot.


DisapCoined. The storyline lack creation, nephalem rifts are not attractive enough, bounties are boring and not challenging, etc. Of course there are a lot of complains by game fans. They had waited for so long a time but got a result like this. It's not the expansion in their minds at all.


Make no difference. Only when you experience the game by yourself, you can know if it's your style. In addition, it's just the stage of Family and Friends beta and a lot of shortcomings will be adjusted then. Players will get the perfect version when it's put on sale. what it looks like now make no difference, just keep attention to the final one.

Now it's the time to know your viewCoin. Select the one out from the options below. Or if you have any nice suggestions for blizzard development team, welcome to discuss with us.