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Crafting Materials Can Not Update in ROS

11/26/2013 12:04:17 PM

[Diablo III]There have been many questions of materials in new expansion asked by players. This time they got the answer finally from the community manager. The result is no. Because development team thinks if it's available for people to update materials in reaper of souls, they would skip many game processes. Now the setting is that original mats can craft items up to the level in Inferno Difficulty. And new mats for new equipment can be gotten by decomposing after level 61.


Well, it's still the time of family and friends beta. Many shortcomings are waiting to be found and be adjusted by development team. So does the crafting system. All the community manager can be sure is the answer no. Players' current materials have no way to upgrade into ros mats. If they want, the only method is to level up and get new mats for expansion. In a word, every wonderful thing needs to be gotten by farming in reaper of souls. Are you ready for the mysterious adventure?