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Diablo III: The Return of Gamble System in Reaper of Souls

11/25/2013 11:07:09 AM

[Diablo III Guide]Blizzard had picked out some popular parts from diablo2 and added them to new expansion, like ladder and gamble system. Not only returning to the game, the system has a lot of changes to satisfy players better.


Gamble system in diablo 2 provides players a chance to win a nice item. In each act, one NPC in town will allow you to Gamble. If you choose the option Gamble, there will be an inventory of items that haven't been identified. You can choose one and buy it in stock. Each time you talk to the NPC, the items will be refreshed and change with your character level. The generating rates of different type items are:
Unique% = 0.02%
Set%    = 0.05%
Rare%   = 10%
Magic%  = 89.93%


Because of the shutdown of diablo 3 gold and real money auction house and equipment bound to account, Diablo III needs new gamble system to recycle gold except for crafting, enchanting and transformation.
Now there are two ways of gambling in reaper of souls. The first one is based on d3 gold and goes the same way with d2. The other one is based on new currency blood shards. When you collected 100 shards you can buy an equipment package and open to check if you are lucky enough.


The new currency blood shards are not easy to get in ROS. They won't drop from monsters but can only get from bounties and rift quests. Trade is not available at present.

Some Coins think that blizzard design blood shards and return gamble system is to avoid the crash of the economic system of diablo3. And blood shards are speculated to be the currency of some special equipment and materials. It adds new excitement to Diablo III. We can look forward to the new system in the expansion.
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