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New Paragon Level Conversion in Reaper of Souls


Community member of diablofans summarized a sheet of new paragon level experience needed at level 1-2000. Now the paragon level has no upper limit and the EXP needed of front 100 levels gets a big change. In the form, you can see each level needs 2,147,483,647 exp from level 1500. If you want to reach 1000, 726,480,000,000 exp in total is required.


Total paragon experience less than 7848 million (account exp level <100), go to check the form. The n level (n≥100) needs exp (million):


P (n) = 149.76+1.44 (n-100) (n>99)


The new front 100 levels exp is 7848 million, and the old is 10454.4 million. To reach paragon level n (n≥100), the exp you need is:


P (n) = 7848+p (101)+p (102)+...+p (n)
= 7848 + 149.76 (n-100)+1.44 (n-100) (n-99)/2
= 7848 + 149.76N + 0.72N (N+1)

Here N=n-100, so
N = {-150.48 + SQRT[150.48^2-2.88 (7848-P)]}/1.44 = SQRT (42+2.88P)/0.72-104.5
n = SQRT (42+2.88P)/0.72-4.5


P stands for the paragon experience (million) you have in total, and n is the account shared paragon level after conversion. The simple result is as below.


100*1 = 116
100*2 = 166
100*3 = 204
100*4 = 237
100*5 = 265
100*6 = 291
100*7 = 314
100*8 = 336
100*9 = 357
100*10 = 377


Now you know what your level is in new paragon system? Have you reach the goal in mind? If not, come on and go for it. You can also make use of diablo 3 power level service online to save time and energy.
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