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Which Weapon Will You Choose For Crusader in Reaper of Souls

11/21/2013 2:47:32 PM

[Poll]Have you ever thought about the weapon for crusader in reaper of souls? One or two handed? Flail, axe or spear? We know little about this before and someone asked it at official forum and got the blue post below. 


In addition to two-handed flail, some melee weapon is also available for crusader. This new class in new expansion can't use dual wield to fight with monsters in battles but can carry a two-handed weapon in one hand with a shield in the other hand. That is only available when using the passive skill Heavenly Strength. Interesting, isn't it?

After reading the list, what kind of weapon do you plan to choose for your crusader in reaper of souls? Vote for the one you'd like to equip your hero. If you have requirements of diablo 3 gold, power level service, go to the menu above this page please. Any problems or advices, leave your feedback or turn to online support.