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Diablo III: Level Up to 70 in Adventure Mode

11/19/2013 3:22:09 PM

[Diablo III]Questions and doubts from players will never come to an end. As great fans of diablo 3, they have many things to explore after GamesCon and BlizzCon. This time is the question of leveling up in adventure mode.
A player asked if the monster power will change with the hero level so he could level up to 70 in act 1 after unlocked. And the answer from the blue post is "yes".




People all feel exciting with the release of new difficulty settings. This may be a big discovery because you need not to unlock the acts one by one to fight with stronger enemies and farm powerful items. Well, if you won't feel tired of having battles in the same act till level 70.

Many players think it's available to start adventure mode from level 1. In fact, you must complete the corresponding act in campaign mode to unlock adventure mode acts. If you follow with high level allies and enter act v in a low level, will the adventure mode be available? Or there are lowest level limits to this mode? What if in multiplayer? Hope these questions can be solved soon in the future.