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Diablo III Guide: How to Get EXP Efficiently and Level Up Fast

11/16/2013 3:15:25 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]It's always important to get experience fast in the game no matter you are regular or freshmen. The faster you get enough exp, the more quickly you level up. Higher level means you can have more skills, better items pick up and stronger power. This time we are going to share several efficient ways to gain EXP in diablo3. They may not help you get abundant exp at once but make your journey more fun.


When you kill a specified number of monsters in a short time, the system will give you a bonus. The more you killed, the more you get.



This way is to break the barrels, ashes and other objects in the game to gain experience. Of course it should be done in a very short time. Even though you destructed the same number of objects, the bonus may be different. Perhaps this depends on the object type you broke or something else.




If you click the chandelier chain and wall and it just killed some monsters near, you can additional bonus like the picture below shows. It's a little like hoax and may make the game more like “game”.


Mighty Blow

Use a powerful skill and kill a number of monsters at once. This kind of exp bonus is called mighty blow.


Quest Completed

Well, quest complete is the most known way of gaining experience. And generally speaking, it's the highest bonus in these ways even in reaper of souls.


These are the ways to get experience in diablo 3 at present. If you have found any other interesting ways, welcome to share with us. You can also choose our diablo 3 power level service to level up fast with low price.