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Diablo III: Nephalem Trials Will Not in Reaper of Souls Launch

11/15/2013 2:31:00 PM

[Diablo III]Since the release of Nephalem Trials at GamesCon, people are looking forward to see this mysterious part in diablo 3 game sooner. And now the surprising news is that it won't be added with the launch of reaper of souls because of some unfinished systems.


Nephalem Trials are full of fierce battles, in which many random scenes are set for players to challenge. You may meet very dangerous enemies and have to focus all attention to avoid being killed. The design of random scenes in reaper of souls is popular among players. Exciting mystery and challenging monsters, that is extremely attractive because there are no new things added to the game for a long time and people begin to feel tired of original contents.


Now Blizzard decided to put off the available time of Nephalem Trails in the name of unfinished systems. It may be a nice thing. Without this part reaper of souls is interesting enough to make players keep attention for a long time. And after that they still have new content to play. What will the reward structure and tracking system look like? A complete and perfect game is worth waiting. 


In any case, it has been a fact that we need to wait longer to experience Nephalem Trials. Why not enjoy Nephalem Rift and adventure mode? When you feel a little tired of them and there are Nephalem Trials, that's the real surprise. Do you think so?