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Diablo III BlizzCon: New Experience in Reaper of Souls

11/13/2013 2:27:16 PM

[Diablo III]According to the real experience of players who had joined BlizzCon, there are many interesting and exciting new things in reaper of souls for diablo 3 fans. team is trying their best to collect the most useful and helpful message for customers. Here you can know exactly what you will experience in reaper of souls.


Nephalem Rift


All scenes and monsters are included in Nephalem Rift. Use Rift Keystone to open portal and it will generate a dungeon with 1 to 10 layers. Each layer is generated random so you never know what the next destination is, what environment you’ll meet or what monster combo you’ll fight with. Unknown things are always attractive. That’s the charm of this new section.

Map version effect is a new Coin. It maybe different from the last time you visit the same place. What’s more, each time you’ll have no idea where you are after entering. A similar place in your eyes will have many diverse things and may need you explore in a new way.


Legendary Drop


Item properties are divided into primary and secondary now, and legendaries special effects will be shown in orange font. Legendary items are soulbound in new expansion but not sure if it’s account bound or character bound. And you may get the same legendary several times in a scene, for the drop is random. Players have the chance to trade it with your friends or teammates in 2 hours – this is set to avoid some RMT behavior efficiently.  


Monster Level


As the difficulty settings change in new expansion, monster level change is different from before. In adventure mode, no matter where you go, the monster level will match up with your character. Compared to fighting with weak monsters at the very first and they become stronger slowly, this change makes the game more exciting.




A new passive skill would be unlocked at level 70.

Ladder is proved to add to the expansion but no more details at the present.

The date of ROS presale time and patch before expansion are not mentioned at BlizzCon. We still need to keep waiting for more news from Blizzard.