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Diablo III Elites New Affixes in Reaper of Souls

11/12/2013 3:35:52 PM

[Diablo III]BlizzCon has been over. And some players played the demo of new expansion in the ceremony. According to their firsthand experience, there is interesting and exciting message for game fans - new affixes of elites.


The demo character level in adventure mode was started from 33. All the leading monsters in adventure mode and nephalem rift have two elite affixes, in which Poison Enchanted and Frozen Pulse will be introduced here.


Poison Enchanted


Poison Enchanted is a boss skill in Diablo 2, but just the same name in diablo 3. This affix is like Frozen and Arcane Enchanted that the leading boss will shoot some shiny things and you need to keep away from it before the explosion.


The monsters that have affix poison enchanted will stop now and then or squat in a sudden to shoot two yellow things which are like well lids. About a second later the well lids explode and spew a cloud of green gas in x shape. Each of the x shape has a range of nearly 15 yards and the whole coverage area is about 35 yards. The effect lasts for seconds.


It's easy to escape when there is only one well lid but maybe dangerous if there are two or more when you are trapped in close combat. The transmitting range of poison enchanted is very long. It cannot DEBUFF or slow down your role but do great poison harm to players sticking to one place. Developers hope to make players move from one to another by this setting.


Frozen Pulse


Frozen Pulse looks like a thorned blue ball. You can see a blue ball float around the leading monster, and when your hero is closing (within 30 yards) it will track and attack automatically. It will cause you a frozen debuff and a little damage.

You can run away when in the range. If it comes after you but the speed is slower, run away far enough (for example, more than 30 yards) to make it fly back to the leading monster.