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Do You Like Peripherals at BlizzCon 2013 ?

11/9/2013 8:30:00 AM

[Poll]Before the start of BlizzCon in 2013, there are already many players wait in line at the venue. And the peripherals for this ceremony are available. So are you satisfied with them this year? Do you like those adorable items? Vote for your answer.


Adorable, I like it. Each of the dolls looks so adorable, you can not stop loving them. As hardcore fans of Blizzard games, to ignore the attraction of peripherals is almost impossible. No matter what it is, the love for it would never change.

Boring, I don't like. The products look similar every year. If only there are some ones with a little creation! Feel boring to collect items that nearly the same year by year. Hope to see more wonderful things. In a word, the pieces this time is not interesting and attractive enough.

Neither, make no difference. There are also players who just want to try the demo before it put on sale. They just keep attention to the game itself, and sometimes buy one or two game products. Well, enjoying the game is not very bad.