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Diablo III New Game Modes in Reaper of Souls

11/8/2013 3:02:55 PM

[Diablo III]This is an introduction of expansion reaper of souls new game modes. The pictures have shown you a part of the secret. Let's see them.
The game settings are divided into three parts: mode, options and type, as you can see from the image. In mode section, there is new added adventure besides campaign. Players can choose the quest they want in the mode of campaign. The third section type is for difficulty and public game. Notice that his is game settings so it can be modified and saved at any time. 



Brand new adventure mode. This picture is from a crusader battle screenshot, in which its level is paragon 70 while the difficulty is normal. The monsters in the battle are with wall, shelling and nightmare affixes, which proves the fact that difficulty settings in reaper of souls are different from original version.



Below is the whole map of the first act under the adventure mode. And there is a new setting – bounties - that marked with an exclamatory in the picture. According to the image, there are 5 quests with bounties in total in the first act. The bonus is not very high but still worth a try. 




The other new setting of adventure mode: Nephalem Rift. If you reach certain conditions, there will be a portal to Nephalem Rift. Kill the monsters you meet till the guards then you can leave with your trophies.