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Diablo III Followers’ Equipment in Reaper of Souls Discussion

11/5/2013 2:58:43 PM

[Diablo III]It's the Q&A session again. Diablo iii development team add story line for followers in new expansion. Some players posted at official forum to remind them to design new armor and skills at the same time. Community manager Grimiku replied the post.

The manager listed two interesting things in the post: too many equipment for followers may be hard to manage; according to the PTR data analysis, we know some new legendaries' passive special effects are obvious on followers, which depends on how many attributes they can get.

If followers can get new armor slots in reaper of souls, should it be helm, chest armor or the second focus? More slots means higher bonus limit. Many players choose for their skill help, and damage output, but most people make use of them to gain additional MF/GF and EXP when solo. The upper limit for MF/GF is 30%. So if there is a helm for followers, the limit would be more interesting. Because various reward can be gained through helm sockets.


In addition to equipment, what change can make followers more interesting? They used to have 12 skills in the process of development, and be reduced to 8 at last. See from the picture above (follower icons in ros), it seems that they have 12 icons again. These icons appeared in the data analysis, however, that not means all are available. Anyway, it's a implication that worth thinking about.