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Diablo III Demon Hunter More Effective Operative Skills Share

11/4/2013 4:47:16 PM

[Diablo III Guide]As a professional Diablo 3 supplier, has shared much helpful information for players. No matter official news, game guides or discussion topics, we make no effort to provide what you need. Here we are going to share some useful and effective operative skills of diablo 3 classes which would help you play the game more smoothly. Keep tuned.

Demon hunter is regarded as the least popular class in Diablo III. In fact, you can make it a powerful hero if you want. Let's see some helpful skills for it.

1. The use of Shadow Power: As the main used skill of demon hunter now, shadow power’s effect is not well-known by most of the new players. As long as you start shadow power before clicking other skills, it will keep the effect of generating life if the skill is not interrupted, even though shadow power is over. Take rapid fire for example, if you start shadow power before rapid fire, you can keep generating life as long as you keep rapid fire, no matter shadow power is on or off. In a word, before clicking a fighting skill, you should start shadow power first to ensure the effect of gaining life.

2. Auxiliary skill of Rapid Fire: There are many skills to assist rapid fire, like Marked for Death and Vault. However rapid fire would stop when they work. While Caltrops, Smoke Screen and Sentry (Spitfire Turret) will not.

3. Vault and Smoke Screen: Many players use Vault at present. Its advantages are low discipline cost, good maneuverability and the ability to escape from monsters. The runes most selected are Tumble and Trail of Cinders. But it will interrupt rapid fire and be harmed when tumbling.


Smoke Screen costs much discipline but won’t interrupt rapid fire. The most popular rune is Lingering Fog. Breathe Deep is recommended here. This rune helps to restore discipline and it’s unbeatable. With the cooperation of other skills, it can achieve the goal of infinite rapid fire easily.